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We believe we are entering a new era of education in this generation! We have learned through experience that time in a classroom does not equate to successful learning. Our goal is to become an indoor + outdoor program that creates a passion for lifelong learning through experience!  We will use incredible curriculum to inspire students to engage the world around them individually and with their peers! Our teachers will facilitate and guide our students, giving them incredible opportunities to reach their full potential. Partnering alongside you, as their parent is our primary focus as we are creating larger group settings for your student to learn. 

You are allowed to choose your personalized curriculum. During their time with us, they will be given generalized instruction on core subjects. We also hope to provide as many elective opportunities as possible in the future such as, Spanish, music, art, workshops and more! 

We aim to keep class size to: 

Preschool: 8 students up to 12 with an assistant

Kindergarten-1st: 10 students up to 15 with an assistant

2nd - 3rd: 15 students 

3rd - 4th: 15 Students

4th - 5th: 15 students

6th - 8th: 15 students

9th - 12th: 20 students


** These classes are subject to change based on enrollment.

Experimenting in Lab
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